• Humanfaktoren
  • Human factors

The Human Factor

The human being is and will always be the main factor of success even in our highly technologically modern world. Many social and environmental sources of irritation directly influence the satisfaction and thereby also the performance of our personnel.

To identify these factors and consider these into your decisions and developments is a key to successs for your company.

Humans make mistakes!

Due to that fact the aim of risk management is not to avoid mistakes at all but to achieve your goals despite the mistakes being made.

This is why the people in your company with all their singularity and weaknesses but also and in particular their strength and power should be considered a main part within all companies management system to be effective. You need to identify the influence of human behaviour onto failures and provide positive support by implementing an open minded and positive risk culture established on trust.

For more information on "Human factors" for aviation and high risk branches follow this link.


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