• Notfall- und Krisenmanagement
  • Emengency and Crisis management

Emergency & Crisis management

Emergency and Crisis management need to start before the incident happens!

Numerous Emergencies, crisis and catastrophes are threatening our organisations, companies, events, municipals and towns each and every day. Even the best planning and highly qualified risk management is not able to completely avoid remaining risks to be accepted. 

With deficits in your emergency and crisis management your organisation or company may be faced to the risk of danger to life or physical condition. The reputation you have gained over years may be ruined within days and huge economical losses can follow.

The aim of emergency and crisis management is to prepare to possible threats in order to react in an organised way when the incident has happened. The protection of human life and damage limitation are the main objectives.

MarServices offers you the professional processing of your risks (risk management) and supports your experts in implementing qualified crisis management systems (action management). Also for the organization, implementation and evaluation of an emergency exercise, we are at your side with help and advice.


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