• SMS für Hoch-Risikobranchen
  • SMS for High Risk Branches

SMS for High Risk Branches

Management Systems are very common, if not mandatory in todays business industries. Most of the systems lack the connection of safety to efficient operations. Safety Management Systems (SMS) were originally developed for the aviation industry. The purpose of this SMS is to proactivley manage safety risks and is a evolution of more traditional flight safety programms. A SMS is a comprehensive process. That means it is not merely focused on just one part of the operation. It includes all aspects of an operation including operations, technical systems in conjuncion with financial and human resource management. 

SMS are becoming mandatory in aviation, because they enhance and promote safety. What works well in aviation, can easily be transferred to other high risk branches as well. With a SMS an organization can enhance safety and security, improve the teamwork in your operation to reduce the number of incidents and prevent future accidents.

MarServices provides full service consulting on the implementation of a SMS structure into any high risk organization.

For more information on our services please contact one of our experts.


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